Dr. Shobha Gupta

Dr Shobha Gupta, Infertility Doctor in Delhi

Trained in ART under Justus Leibig University (Germany)
Consultant Infertility Specialist
Dr. Shobha Gupta is the backbone and CEO of this clinic. She completed her MBBS from the esteemed Lady Hardinge Medical College and PG from the notable Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC).
A well-trained and qualified IVF specialist that simply renders the hope of life to the couples who are suffering from the agonizing pain of infertility, is a 'God Blessing' in itself. Dr Shobha Gupta is contemplated as one of the blessed infertility specialists in Delhi who is specialized in Reproductive Medicine & IVF treatment. She is the founder and CEO of Mother's Lap IVF Clinic. Just to add more into her reputation and popularity, she is one of the most sought after Infertility Doctor in Delhi as well as in India.

Qualification and Training

Dr Shobha Gupta has got the training some of the illustrious and leading institutions and IVF centres abroad. She has done her MBBS from the a well-known Lady Hardinge Medical College and PG from Maualana Azad Medical College (MAMC). She is exhaustively dedicated and truly impassionate in the achieving the best in the field, so that she can deliver the best to the infertility ridden couple. This leads her to undergo infertility training from the prestigious Justus Liebig University (Germany). She is a Consultant Infertility Specialist and also done research in Embryology and Andrology. She is associated with the highest success rate and paramount success in repeated IVF failure, endometriosis, high risk pregnancy as well as male-factor infertility.

Skill and Experience

Dr Shobha Gupta is in this field for decades and performed numerous IVF treatment successfully at her Infertility Clinic in Delhi. Her high success rate is the self explanatory of her being instrumental and clinical in producing positive results in the field of IVF including advance IVF treatment. Not every infertility patient is the same and thus it requires both experience and high quality of skill and expertise to perform the treatment as per the merit of the infertility diseases. This is where, getting treated by the seasoned IVF experts like Dr Shobha Gupta proves decisive.

Professional Yet Affordable

One of the key factors for the patient thinking to begin their journey of infertility treatment is the cost. IVF in some cases highly regarded as an expensive affair. Despite the accrued amount several clinics could not able to produce effective results. Dr Shobha is highly professional and her clinic is well-equipped with state of the art facilities and other latest and advanced equipments that make her able to produce a high success rate in IVF treatment in the competitive and affordable cost. In addition, Being a CEO of the clinic, she knows very well how to coordinate the IVF team and govern them in the right direction. Her soft spoken and polite demeanor is the perfect display of both her inner quality and her personality as a whole. Dr Shobha Gupta is prestigiously associated and the member of elite infertility societies such as:

Association of Gynea and Obstetricians of Delhi (AOGD)
Federation of OBS & Gynea of India (FOGSI)
Indian Fertility Society (IFS)
Indian Medical Association (IMA)

Contributing Member of the Society

Dr Shobha Gupta is just not a leading infertility expert, but a contributing member of the society, as she is an identical face on T.V shows, where she keeps contributing her effort to aware people about living a healthy life to prevent themselves from infertility problems in life. She has also authored and co-authored several medical articles and journals and speak about infertility issues and its ideal medical and non-medical solutions for the suffering couples. It goes without saying that finding an appropriate infertility doctor can create a world of difference in your IVF treatment and other reproductive endocrinology related treatment. this is the reason why spending money and extracting time and energy is extremely crucial and indispensable to search for the best IVF specialist. Dr Shobha Gupta is rightly the kind of IVF expert on whom you can rely and hope for the best results in all kinds of Infertility Treatment in Delhi and turn your dream into reality of having your own child.

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