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The prime objective of our clinic is to assist and provide comprehensive fertility treatment to the infertile couples on their way towards achieving parenthood. Our amazing results in the field of IVF treatment and other assisted reproductive technique have made us first choice IVF Clinic in Delhi. At our clinic, you will expect and experience a team of profession IVF expert, embryologists, a comfortable ambience, a modern environment and sensible personal approach. The system is all set to help you in the best possible way to transform your dream into reality. All these factors consummate to make us one of the leading IVF Centre in Delhi.

Why Choose Us ?

It goes without saying that when you decide to choose any particular infertility clinic, you believe to achieve your dream into them, isn't it? We understand hope is the biggest source of life and achieving things what you believe to be. At Dr Shobha's fertility clinic has been the bridge of hope for numerous infertile couples, since the time it has been established. Our success rate is among the best in the field. Whether, it is IVF or ICSI, egg donation or donor insemination, our results are unparalleled as compare to other reputed IVF clinics. In addition, with the right IVF specialist with you, there are higher chances of achieving pregnancy and live birth in first attempt which ultimately reduce the cost of IVF treatment considerably and your dream of achieving parenthood becomes cheaper and affordable.

IVF Cost and Treatment Among the Best

Our clinic is envisaged the forefront of research and development and more than anything else we drive more results per embryo transfer which is the best measure for assessing clinic's high performance. Our top priority is to do the right thing for you, that too at the most affordable cost. Our consultants, IVF doctors and nursing staff and other team members are extensively experience in the treatment of different kind of infertility problems. Our monthly support group, expert counselors and fertility coach are all available for the patients. At the end of the day, your well being is extremely important for us.

The Largest Sperm and Egg Bank

At Mother's Lap you will get the access to one of the largest egg and sperm bank. It literally means you always have an extensive and adequate supply of high quality donors from an assortment of background. It helps you tremendously to find the close match and start your treatment to the earliest.

Minimum Waiting Time for the Treatment at the IVF Clinic in Delhi

You hardly have to receive the waiting list for commencing your IVF treatment. Your treatment can be started within a month as we do not believe in procrastinating when there is need of urgency. You will be informed during the initial consultation how quickly you can start your IVF treatment with us.

All Facilities Under One Roof

At our clinic, we utilize the most modern method form of infertility treatment included donated oocytes. For this, our clinic is well-equipped with the state of the art technology and advance and latest treatment machinery and equipment. With such consolidated back up we ensures our visiting patient host of infertility treatment such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, Cryopreservation, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Blastocyst culture and transfer including donor program. We approach the easiest way to achieve pregnancy for you

We at Mother's Lap, comprehend the fact that the requisition of a successful IVF clinic is not only to provide you an effective treatment, but also it is the one who is well decorated with the compassionate staff, clear pricing, impeccable administrative processes and an extraordinary and exceptional emotional support. Throughout your journey, we are there for you till your hope of achieving parenthood turn into reality.

We also support the couples in:

• Complete healing of Mind, Body and Soul
• Creating stress free environment
• Offering practical alternate solution to any problem
• Cost of IVF in India

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