EMI facility available. You can pay in easy installments. Loan for IVF also available.

IVF Treatments

IVF is a process in which eggs are manually fertilized by putting together an egg and a sperm in a laboratory dish.



It simply means 'renting a womb' in which an arrangement is made between a healthy fertile woman and would-be parents to carry their child.


ICSI treatment

It is also known as ICSI and is an in vitro fertilization procedure in which a single sperm is injected directly into an egg.


Donor Insemination

It is also known as DI in which sperm from the donor is used to help a woman to get pregnant.

tese technique

PICSI Technique

It is often referred as micromanipulation technique which improves the chances of selecting sperm for ICSI.

IVF Specialist - Pioneering The Path Towards Fertility

The rising numbers of infertility issues in both men and women has raised a prominent challenge in front of them. To combat with the heart-breaking disease that may hamper you to become a proud parent of your own child, requires a proficient IVF Specialist to deal with the factors that is obstructing you to achieve the goal of parenthood. To provide you the ample solution for all kinds of infertility issues, Dr Shobha Gupta, an IVF Doctor, has shown a promising results in the field of infertility treatment factors for both male and female at her IVF clinic that has eventually become the center of attraction for numerous hopeless couples.


Dr Shobha's IVF Clinic in Delhi has got immense reputation in yielding highest success rate in the infertility treatment. This is the reason why, the clinic has built up a great reputation and trust in the heart of the patients who have driven from pillar to post in the pursuit of specialized IVF Doctor without getting ample result that can cure their infertility issues. Since the getting pregnant and delivering a baby is quite a sensitive issue, we take care of even the smallest of things with great concern, so that achieving positive result during the treatment of infertility factors by the IVF specialist become obvious.


It has always been a primary goal of our Infertility clinic to offer less stressful and more affordable IVF treatment? to the patients who are already in a state of agony due to their inability to conceive. Thus, our rate of IVF cycles and overall infertility treatment is right under your budget and you do not feel depleted emotionally, physically as well as financially. In addition to it, our experts and Infertility Doctor in Delhi monitor every single detail during the treatment profoundly in order to ensure a clinical outcome of the treatment at our Infertility Clinic in Delhi. Overall, the whole treatment by the IVF doctor is not only cost-effective, but you have more chances of getting pregnant and walk away with a baby in your lap, which ultimate goal of ours.


The in-house team of our Surrogacy doctor consists of world-class IVF experts, senior consultant, endocrinologist, embryologists, nurses and other staffs who are more than capable of delivering highest success rate in infertility treatment. The process and the procedures that are conducted at our Surrogacy clinic belongs to international standards. It is also worth-mentioning that we maintain standardized IVF laboratory and the state of the art facilities. The best thing about Dr Shobha's clinic is that you can avail all the comprehensive fertility treatment procedures under one roof. We have brought forth smile on numerous couples who are otherwise not able to conceive and become the proud parent of a blessed child of their own.


One of the hardest things to deal infertility treatment is the repeated failure of Infertility cycles. It is understandable that uncertainty may trigger your patience and you may not remain strong enough to keep yourself motivated for the treatment. Being a pro-active IVF specialist in Delhi, we facilitate those patients who have had failed IVF attempts earlier, with the latest treatment technique of assisted laser hatching, ICSI, IMSI, embryoscope, sequential transfer and so on. The journey towards achieving parenthood, especially for childless couples has never been easy. Therefore, it is recommended to trust only the best IVF clinic in Delhi that can live up to your expectation and produce results.

The success rate at Dr. Shobha Gupta's Clinic is as follows

• 50-60% IVF
• 15-20% IUI
• 60-70% Surrogacy

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